It doesn’t matter where you are, all that matters is who you play with

We’re developing DiSport - the next-generation application poised to redefine the landscape of online sporting competitions where it is able to meet the growing demand for interactive and engaging platforms in the fitness and sports industry.


During the pandemic, I often went running and cycling. Most of us exercised alone back then. It was a tough time, but we had to keep going.

Every time I finished a run or bike ride, I would share it with my friends or post it on social media. Many others did the same. Even so, I didn't find it competitive or very enjoyable. It was mainly about staying connected and motivated during a difficult time.

Since the pandemic ended, I regularly have coffee with my colleagues to talk about new technology and the state of sports apps.

Our goal was to innovate in sports. We studied, practiced, made numerous prototypes, and continually improved our ideas.

At the beginning of 2023, DiSport was born as a prototype. It allows people to organize and participate in distributed sports games.


Organizing distributed sport game

Low cost

Save time

Join from any locations

Realtime statistics

Participate in a real-time competitions with athletes

Live streaming

Chat group

Comment and Reaction

Funny map

Render video during a game/activity

Share it to friends

3D map of Cycling activity in Ha Giang (VietNam)

Summarize member statistics for club & ogranization

Statistics in day/week/month/year

Highest record

Custom game in group

Video demo from our prototype