During the pandemic years, I often went running and cycling. Of course, at that time, most of us exercised alone. It was a difficult period, but we had no choice but to persevere

Every time I finished a run or bike ride, I would share it with my friends or sometimes post it on social media. Of course, many others did the same. Despite this, I didn't find it competitive or particularly enjoyable.

After the pandemic, I often go for coffee with my colleagues to discuss new technology and the current state of sports apps.

We decided to create something new in the world of sports for people. We studied, practiced, built numerous prototypes, and continuously refined our ideas.

Finally, we developed a solid prototype and received a lot of positive feedback from our friends. This prototype can help people organize and join distributed sports games.

Of course, the prototype can help people organize/join a distributed sport game.

But we decided to go further by adding features to enhance the experience. Now, people can enjoy sports games by inviting new participants to join open games. Additionally, users can livestream their games for friends or even the public, giving them the chance to become an idol!

A meaningful thing for people

Our solution

Real-time distributed sport game for group

Funny map with fly over route

Summarize member statistics for club & ogranization

Social features for athletes


Video demo from our prototype

It doesn’t matter where you are

All that matters is who you play with!